Schoeller Plast Industries

Company History

Schoeller Plast Industries is part of Schoeller Industries, which was founded in the 18th century.

Spin-off of PET Kunststoffrecycling and ProTec Polymer Processing as
Schoeller Polymer Industries

Divestment of Schoeller Cap Systems

Acquisition of Mann+Hummel Protec and merger with OHL Engineering
forms ProTec Polymer Processing

Acquisition of DRAWIN Trading

Increase of shares in Schoeller Plast do Brasil to 100%

Acquisition of production plant in Sao Paolo, Brazil
Name changes into Schoeller Plast Industries

Contribution of Schoeller Plast do Brasil
Increase of shares in Schoeller Plast Enterprise from 25% to 50%
Acquisition of PET Kunststoffrecycling (PKR), then ASK

Schoeller Plast Industries is founded as Schoeller Wavin Closed Loop Holding,
constisting of OHL Engineering, Schoeller Plast Enterprise and Schoeller Cap Systems